• Mr. Gopal Ratnam, The Chairman is an independent management consultant
  • Dr. Geeta Patil, The Vice Chairman is a medical doctor running her own hospital
  • Ms. Leela Deshpande, The Secretary has been actively into social service for the past 20 years 


Trust Members

Smt. Sudarshini Lakshman, General Secretary

Sri. Jagadish Giridhar, Director

Sri. H.K. Ramprasad, Director

Sri. Vaidyanathan, Director

My grandfather was my major source of encouragement. and that was how Ashraya started..

Leela Deshpande

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Leela Deshpande has seen quite a bit of life. Since she was a small child, all her birthdays were spent distributing food and sweets to childrens at various orphanages. Leela's regular visit to the slums introduced her to a painful stark life - Watching slum children pecking at leftover food from dustbin infested with stray dogs, one of the most disturbing sights left a lasting mark in Leela's memory.

Leela Deshpande



"I often felt this urge to do something for the needy and helpless".


Education Committee :

Sri. M.K. Bhat,Sri. Chandrashekarachar,Sri. R. Jayaraman,Sri. Prashant Hegde,Sri. Manmohan Rao,Sri. Priyaranjan Mishra,Smt. Geeta Adinarayan,Smt. Sangeetha,Sri. Prasad,Sri. Prem Sai


Contact info

» ASHRAYA (Social Welfare & Rehabilitation Centre)
» 2nd Cross, Ganesha Block, Dinnur Main Road, R.T. Nagar Post,  Bangalore - 560 032,Karnataka,India
» Telephone: +91 80 2333 4515